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Been in an accident with a tractor trailer truck?

At Steve Morris Attorney at Law, we know personal injury law due to semi-truck accidents. As your preferred Alabama truck accident law firm, we can give you the best legal representation available in and anywhere near Anniston Al.

With 20+ years’ experience as a top personal injury attorney in the Yellowhammer State, Steve Morris knows every angle when it comes to winning your case if you have a legitimate claim due to the negligence of a tractor trailer truck driver.

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Commercial semi-truck wrecks can cause life altering injury or death

Commercial trucks regularly carry heavy loads over 15,000 – 20,000 pounds of freight. Added to that, the shear weight of the actual 18-wheeler can run up to 80,000 lbs. Because of the enormous moving vehicle, it doesn’t take a serious wreck to cause serious injury to a victim that’s in a smaller automobile. Unfortunately, more serious accidents can cause life altering injury or worst case… even death to the other driver.

Special licensing and rules apply to the drivers of large semi-trucks like the 18-wheeler rigs we often see running our highways and byways. If you’ve been the victim of this type truck accident, it’s important to speak to a truck accident lawyer asap. As an experienced tractor trailer truck accident lawyer in Northeast Alabama, we can answer your questions and discuss all legal options available to you. Time is of the essence, so you should schedule a free consultation with an attorney here at Steve Morris Law. Don’t forget, if you are still recovering in the hospital or at home, our attorney can come to you.

Why Truck Accident Victims Should Immediately Seek Medical Attention

There are 2 reasons it’s so important for an injured victim of a truck accident to seek medical attention.

    1. First is for your general health. Victims may delay seeking medical attention in an attempt to “tough it out”. But this is a mistake. The more time that lapses between the truck accident and the first visit with a doctor can cause internal injury to become more serious. The quicker any issues are addressed by a physician the better change of a healthy, full recovery.

    2. Second is the more time you wait to visit a doctor about any physical or emotional injury caused by the collision with an 80,000 lb. semi-truck, the weaker your case against the truck driver becomes. The attorneys and insurance companies representing the truck driver and trucking company will point towards the lengthy period of time and claim that the injury was not that serious. The trucking company’s legal representative and their insurance company could even argue that your injuries were not actually sustained in the accident at all.

Therefore, it’s critically important you visit an emergency room or personal doctor immediately following the accident. Make sure to get copies of all records, x-rays, police reports and document everything with photos and videos. Judges and juries need to see it all.

Steve Morris Law Can Help Alabama Truck Accident Victims Recover Compensation

Alabama Truck Lawyer - Semi accident truck attorneyAs the victim of a truck accident in Alabama and near Anniston or surrounding areas, you may be entitled to compensation for damage. These could include damages to a vehicle, lost wages, hospital bills and pain and suffering. These damages are called compensatory damages. However, if it is discovered the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or possibly texting while driving… you as the Plaintiff can also seek uncapped punitive damages.

No matter how good an offer may sound from the truck driver’s attorney or insurance company, we recommend you not go it alone. You can rest assured if they’re offering you an amount that sounds good at the time, it’s because they understand you could win a much larger settlement if represented by a top Alabama personal injury lawyer such as Steve Morris.

How to Collect Evidence of the Truck Accident in Alabama

It’s best as the victim to collect and preserve all evidence from your truck accident. To build a strong case against the at-fault truck driver, you’ll need all evidence available. Especially when recovering compensation for your injuries. Here’s the evidence our attorneys recommend you collect:

  • At the scene of the accident: When you are at the scene of the truck accident, and if you are physically able, be sure to take as many photos as possible from all angles. If there are any markings on the road, such as skid marks, be sure to photograph them as well. It never hurts to do a selfie video explaining what happened by documenting your story and showing all the visible evidence at the scene. If there were other motorists or even pedestrians who witnessed the accident, ask if they would feel comfortable giving an eyewitness account on that video recording? Even if they aren’t comfortable being on video, be sure to write down their name and contact information in case they need to testify in court.

  • After the accident: It is critical to begin collecting and preserving all evidence in the days and months following the accident. This is just as important as collecting evidence at the scene. Keeping copies of anything related to your truck accident is vital. Items such as pay slips that show reduced wages from missed work, hospital bills, and any other expense that you would not have incurred if you were not in the truck accident will be useful to our attorneys in your case.

  • Make copies of everything: Give a copy of each piece of evidence to your representative at Steve Morris Law. This will make it easier for our attorneys to begin building the case against the truck driver, the trucking company and their insurance company.

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The Steve Morris Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases and have fought for victims of semi-truck accidents in Alabama for 20 years. Fill out the evaluation form or call us today: (256) 357-9211

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