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There is hardly a more efficient or thrilling way to move about the roads and highways in this beautiful State of Alabama than doing it on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, there is also a high risk involved with this notoriously dangerous mode of transportation. Motorcycles may not have more accidents than other vehicles on the road, but when they do, the outcome can be disastrous.  

If you’ve been the victim of another motorist negligence, and you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident… having a reputable motorcycle accident attorney such as Steve Morris Law will ensure you recover all compensation that you deserve. As the excitement and thrills of riding a motorbike increase so does the need ensure you are properly represented should the need arise.

Following are some of the best reasons a discerning and prudent motorcyclist should hire a motorcycle lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident Case Review in Alabama

Motorcycle injury lawyer alabama Steve Morris LawThe first thing a motorcycle accident lawyer can lend is expertise and professional perspective. If you have been involved in an accident your lawyer will review the details of your case, including witness statements, police reports and other details. After this, your lawyer will be able to present you the best possible outcome plan of representation against the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company lawyers.

Rest assured… you do not want to go up against a team of attorneys representing an insurance company. You’ll need a highly trained and experience litigator to represent you in court.

Motorbike Accident Lawsuit Negotiations and Settlement

Not all motorcycle cases are sent to the courts. As a matter of fact, most will be settled through negotiations with the opposition. These negotiations can be very complex and sometimes the demands and offers made can be unrealistic. Only an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to handle these negotiations effectively and quickly. This can ultimately ensure you receive the ruling you need to get on with your life and back on the open road.

Legal or Civil Representation in Your Motorcycle Injury Case


In the case that no settlement could be reached, rare as it is, civil or possibly criminal proceedings may ensue. It would be very foolish to attempt managing the complexities of litigation with no experience or understanding of the legal system. Here is where an experienced motorcycle accident law firm will provide the know-how to move the wheels of justice in your favor and provide you proper representation before a court. You can expect the preparations and entire process to be handled by an expert.

The suffering and aftermath of a bike accident can be life altering and emotionally difficult. As your legal councilor, we’ll make sure you’re awarded fair compensation for your current injuries, and the pain and suffering you may have into the future.

In Conclusion, Let Us Represent You

Our motorcycle lawyers will understand the laws that govern your rights as an Alabama motorcycle accident victim. We are on your side and ready to get you well, and back on the open road.

Just like a helmet and proper riding gear can protect your bones and organs from the worst in a bad spill. Your professional motorcycle accident lawyer can keep you protected off the road. If you have been in an accident, contact the professionals here at Steven R. Morris Attorney at Law. Call our office today at (256) 357-9211 or fill out the Free Consultation form on this page to get started. Till then… please be safe on the roads. We value our motorcyclists!

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