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Depakote Birth Defect Lawsuit Attorney

Depakote linked to Spina Bifida when taken during pregnancy

Depakote is a prescription medication used to treat acute bipolar mania, epilepsy, and migraines. It is often prescribed alongside selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) despite not being one itself. Depakote first hit the American markets during the 1980s via Abbott Laboratories. In 2013, production of Depakote was taken over by AbbVie.

Child with Spina bifida birth defect from depakoteMillions of patients have been prescribed the drug over the course of the last thirty-five years. Many of those patients were helped tremendously thanks to the drug’s effectiveness. However, the drug was eventually linked to several very serious medical complications. At the top of that list was the likelihood of pregnant mothers passing on birth defects to their unborn children. This has placed Depakote at the center of many high-profile lawsuits. Depakote lawsuit attorney Steven R. Morris Law can assist if you find yourself or a family member in this exact situation.

If you or anyone you know has taken Depakote in the past and has suffered from any of the related medical conditions, then you are likely entitled to a settlement from the company. These settlements could provide compensation for injuries, for the future cost of medical care, and for pain and suffering. Your first step should be to contact a product liability attorney – Steve Morris Law to discuss your options.

Who is the responsible party for Depakote related complications?

If the drug Depakote is responsible for your medical conditions, then Abbott Laboratories is responsible for your compensation. There have been numerous cases involving the drug, which eventually lead to a formal investigation handled by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ investigated Abbot Laboratories and discovered a considerable amount of troubling evidence.

One of the biggest problems was that Abbott Laboratories often promoted the drug for reasons that the FDA had not approved. This is considered off-label prescribing. These unsupported medical claims led to hospitals prescribing the drug for reasons other than its intended purpose. Many people suffered because of Depakote even though it could not help with their medical problem.

Abbott eventually pled guilty to misbranding the drug in 2012. It then settled its civil and criminal claims for a total of $1.5 billion. Some of that settlement money may very well be owed to you if you have suffered because of Depakote. Our personal injury law firm can help you get compensated if you are in the situation.

What Are the Medical Problems Caused by Depakote?

Depakote drug defect lawsuit steve morris anniston alabamaThe FDA eventually issued a public safety warning regarding Depakote and its link to birth defects. The warning stated that pregnant women should not take the drug because it is believed to cause reduced IQ levels in children. A separate study linked Depakote to the birth defect spina bifida as well as abnormal skull development, polydactyly, hypospadias, craniosynostosis, and cleft palate. If you took Depakote while pregnant and your child was born with any of these conditions, then you may be owed settlement money.

The drug has also been linked to increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in patients who take the drug. In the past, the drug did not contain a warning for this increased risk, though it does now.

Contact a Top Personal Injury Attorney in Alabama for your Depakote Lawsuit

The first step towards receiving the settlement you deserve is contacting an experienced defective drug/personal injury attorney. At Steven R. Morris Attorney at Law, we will fight with you and for you to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your suffering. We feel that having a child with birth defects due to the negligence of the pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories, and potentially being prescribed the drug Depakote off-label by your doctor should be awarded a substantial settlement. We will fight to make sure justice is served in your lawsuit.

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