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Auto and Truck Accident Lawsuits Require Alabama’s Top Personal Injury Attorney

Life is associated with a wide range of surprises, which is why many people are faced with needing the services of an Alabama personal injury lawyer. The negligence of another person or company may place you at risk of injury or even death. This could include; accidents in the workplace, auto accidents, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall injuries in public places just to name a few.

Truck accident near anniston alabama. Steve Morris is your Alabama LawyerServices we can provide for you will play a role that is significant when it comes to any injury or accident cases. In the majority of instances, we handle personal claims and injuries. A few of the primary areas we focus on at Steve Morris Law include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, truck accidents and accidents in the workplace. For individuals that have currently sustained a personal injury in the workplace or out on a public road, it is always advisable to seek guidance and assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney that has numerous out of court settlements under their belt, but also a skilled litigator that’s gone before juries and won large settlements for their clients.

We will also represent clients that had the unfortunate circumstance of having a child born with the birth defect – Spina Bifida. There were numerous mothers who were prescribed the drug Depakote during pregnancy and some of them had children with birth defects. We feel the manufacturer is liable and responsible for making sure that family is fairly compensated for the pain and suffering caused in the past, the present and into the future of properly caring for that child. If you or a family member took Depakote during pregnancy and have experienced this with your child, please reach out to us right away to discuss your options. You most certainly have a legitimate Depakote lawsuit claim.

Once on board, a personal injury lawyer examines each phase related to the case. We have hundreds of successful judgements in our past and will do whatever it takes within Alabama law to ensure you receive justice in your case. In some cases, you may have experienced physical injuries which have translated into major medical bills. In other cases, over and above your injuries you are forced to take leave from your job, which often leads to another set of issues.

Services Provided By Personal Injury Lawyers in Anniston Alabama

The laws in Alabama offer you with rights to make a claim on any losses that you have incurred caused by 3rd party negligence. It is often a complex task to try an exercise your rights along with recovering any losses unless you have hired a professional personal injury lawyer that is skilled in guiding you through these processes. Below are a few of the services you can expect from us as your personal injury lawyer:

Insurance Claim Assistance when Denied a Settlement

Many companies fail to provide accidental benefits and medical allowances. In other instances, an insurer may turn down your claim. In these examples, you will require legal assistance from a qualified lawyer who can assist you in filing your lawsuit against either an insurance provider or a third party.

Estimating Your Losses and Recovering All Damages

Personal injury lawyers are skilled when it comes to the evaluation of the losses that you have incurred and what you are most likely to incur caused from your injuries. This is the type of information that will assist you with making a claim from an insurance company or when you need to file your lawsuit.

Contingent Fees of Our Legal Services

We offer our services on what is known as a “contingent” basis. This offers you with a way to only pay our legal fees once we’ve successfully won the case on your behalf. We can even come to you for our initial consultation if you’re having issues with travel due to your accident. We’ll come to your home, business, or hospital if needed.

Arranging Settlements Instead of Going to Jury Trial in Alabama

Man grieving because of his personal injuryIf you have decided that you prefer that your case does not go to court, we’ll assist you with finding a solution to negotiate with the 3rd party. In addition, as your personal injury attorney, we can assist you with avoiding an unfavorable situation that may arise down the road.

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