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Why You Need Workers Comp Lawsuit Attorney

All employers regardless of their industries are required by law to adhere to specific procedures and regulations to protect their employees as well as customers. While the worker’s compensation laws will vary by state, Alabama workers can get compensation and benefits regardless of who is at fault.

Typically, a worker’s compensation policy in Alabama covers:

  • Death benefits: Covers funeral costs and sometimes support payments to the worker’s dependents.
  • Ongoing care: When injuries or illness is severe, and the employee requires ongoing care such as surgery.
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Medical Expenses: Include ambulance expenses and all other costs incurred when a stuff member sought medical attention due to an injury at work.
  • Lost wages: Applicable where an employee can’t work for a while due to a workplace accident.
  • Legal fees: Covers legal costs if an employee ends up suing the company.

When Do You Need A Workers Compensation Lawsuit Attorney in Anniston Al?

1. When You Are Offered Compensation

sad-person-in-wheelchair-workers-compensation-lawsuitInjured while working? If you are employed and you end up getting injured at work, you are entitled to compensation. Often, the company will present the employee with a settlement and sort out the issue without going to court. Before you accept any form of compensation or sign anything, it is always wise to seek counsel from a local, experienced and reputable workers compensation attorney. Steven R Morris Law can assist you anywhere in Alabama.

The sad truth is that the company’s insurance providers are often more concerned about the firm’s bottom line than with your wellbeing. A well-reputed worker’s compensation lawyer such as SRM Law can take care of all negotiations and help you get a fair compensation.

2. When Compensation Is Denied

Unfortunately, some companies are more stubborn and will not settle with their staff members even when it is obvious the employee suffered an injury or illness due to poor working conditions and negligence. Some also dare to offer mediocre compensation. When this is the case, then it is imperative to file a worker’s compensation lawsuit to receive the compensation you are entitled.

When you sue a company, chances are you’ll be going against lawyers from the company’s insurance provider. In such a scenario, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and end up losing in court. A worker’s compensation attorney with experience like Steve Morris cannot be intimidated. Moreover, they have the knowledge to build a solid and comprehensive worker’s compensation claim. After all, your lawyer will have your best interest at heart and will do above and beyond to fight for you and ensure that you get the compensation you are owed.

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Worker falling off a ladder. Workers Compensation. Steve morris LawTo help you traverse the uncharted territory of filing a worker’s compensation lawsuit, consider hiring a local well-reputed worker’s compensation attorney. In addition to experience, local lawyers have relationships with doctors and private investigators to help you prove your case. So, take the initiative to hire a worker’s compensation attorney for your case. Timing is important, and you should take immediate action by contacting our workers comp law firm by calling (256) 357-9211 or fill out the Free Consultation form on this page. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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