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Our attorneys specialize in family law and provide a number of valuable services for parents and children across the State of Alabama. Some of these services include divorce cases, custody cases, and paternity cases. Here are two of the most common types of cases handled by attorneys who specialize in family law.

Child Support Cases Near Anniston Al

Sad young girl covering ears. Family laws. Steve Morris LawChild support laws are surprisingly complex, and many mothers and fathers don’t fully understand the laws. This is why it’s always advisable to work with an attorney who specializes in family law services. At Steve Morris Law, we can help sort out who is owed what, and how much that they are owed.

The amount of child support owed can often be broken down using a statute-determined formula. Variables in the formula include the number of children and the net income of the parent who is paying child support. That parent will pay a percentage of their net income to the parent where the children live for most of the time.

As with most laws, those involving child support tend to vary from one state to the next. For example, Alabama child support law may differ from where you may have lived previously in your marriage, but it is a subject we know all about at our law firm. It’s always best to work with a family law attorney who lives in your area and is very familiar with local Anniston Al child support laws.

Guardianship Cases

A guardianship case is one that determines the legal guardianship of an individual. In most cases, it is guardianship of a child, though there are instances where guardianship of an adult must be determined. Child guardianship cases may be temporary guardianship cases with the consent of the parent or court-ordered guardianship cases.

A court-ordered guardianship case is one where the judge must determine the permanent guardian of the child. These can be very lengthy cases and involve a considerable amount of paperwork. Attempting to tackle a guardianship case without the assistance of a professional and experienced family law attorney would be extremely problematic.

The process begins with filing the necessary forms, which vary according to your location and the number of children involved. Afterward, you must serve a copy of the petition and the citation to the relatives of the child. The court will not serve these documents on your behalf. Third, the court guardianship hearing takes place and guardianship is determined. Finally, there are more forms to be filed after the case closes.

Always Seek the Help of an Experienced Alabama Family Law Attorney

Family lawAttempting to navigate the complex legal world of family law can be a nightmare for someone without education, training, and experience. Whether you are handling a divorce, a guardianship case, or any other case that falls within the family law category; seek the help of a professional attorney from the beginning. Contact our office today at (256) 357-9211 or complete the Free Consultation form on this webpage

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