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Past Settlements and Case Results

$250,000 – Auto Accident Settlement

Negligent driver ran a red light, hitting our client’s vehicle. Our client had neck surgery due to accident and settled prior to trial.

$150,000 – Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Negligent driver turned left in front of our client on a motorcycle. Motorcycle wreck caused our client a fractured leg and we settled prior to trial.

$2,000,000 – Estate Settlement

Client’s father had passed away years ago without a will. Estate was never settled. Deceased father’s heirs were two daughters and a wife. Estate was settled prior to trial.

$290,000 – Car Wreck Victim Settlement

Driver did not yield the “right of way” to our client, hitting the passenger side of client’s vehicle, resulting in neck muscle injuries. Settled prior to trial.

$360,000 – Wrongful Death Settlement

Client’s wife died due to a medical mistake at hospital. Wife’s children from a prior relationship attempted to deny client his rightful portion of the wrongful death proceeds. The court ruled in our client’s favor.

$75,000 – Auto Accident Settlement

Driver failed to stop at stop sign, hitting our client, resulting in leg fracture of our client. Case settled prior to trial.

$100,000 – Van Accident Passenger Victim

Our client was one of five van passengers. Driver of the van was at fault. Client (passenger in van) suffered arm injuries and was awarded settlement prior to trial.

100+ Clients Awarded Compensation – B.P. Oil Spill Litigation

Steve Morris Law Firm worked with multiple law firms to win settlements for over 100 victims of the B.P. oil spill.

$72,000 – Passenger In Auto Accident

Our client was a passenger in a car when 2nd vehicle ran a stop sign, breaking our client’s jaw. Settled prior to trial.

$48,000 – Rear End Auto Collision

Our client was a passenger in a car when 2nd vehicle ran a stop sign, breaking our client’s jaw. Settled prior to trial.

$500,000 – Client Physically Assaulted in Restaurant

Our client was assaulted in a public establishment, receiving numerous injuries and was awarded $500,000 by the jury in a jury trial.

$28,000 – Default Foreclosure Judgment Reversal

Our client was initially sued on a home foreclosure case, court entering a $48,000 default judgement against our client. Client hired Steve Morris Law and we were able to get judgement set aside, resulting in our client being PAID $28,000.

$75,000 – Rear End Auto Accident

Client was rear ended by negligent driver and suffered back injuries. Case was settled prior to trial.

$45,000 – Passenger In Car Wreck

Our client was a passenger in a van when the vehicle was struck by another car, resulting in soft tissue injuries to her back. Settled prior to trial.

$75,000 – Auto Accident Collision

Settled prior to trial as our client was rear ended by another vehicle resulting in back injuries to our client.

$32,500 – Apartment Complex Negligence

Our client fell down a set of metal steps at apartment complex due to negligent maintenance which caused a rusted piece of the metal steps to catch our client’s shoe. Case settled prior to trail.

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